Implementation review

Customer portal providing invoices and related documents

We would like to present, on the example of a monolithic application, a case study which is hopeless regarding contemporary trends. We will show you how, in a few simple steps, you can prepare a product for implementation in AWS and implement it so that the monthly costs are lower than in the classic case. We will also present how, implementing WAF (Well-Architected Framework) principles, a project which is difficult to manage and maintain has changed into a modern product based on native AWS services.

Some background information about the application:

  • typical customer portal providing invoices and related documents
  • number of users: 40,000 (active: 12,000)
  • new documents per month: 40,000
  • archived documents: 1,600,000, very rare access to the archive after 2 months (about 80 GB of data)
  • heaviest load: first 10 days of the month

Implementation steps

Actions taken

01. Monolith
  • data stored in a relational database, which generated substantial infrastructure costs
  • powerful application servers that had to bear the load of the first few days of each month, and the data import process

02. Data migration to S3
  • firstly, we’ve transferred most of the binary data to the AWS S3 service
  • this significantly offloaded the database
  • storage costs on S3 were minimum
  • automatic content removal processes and Glacier archiving

03. Database migration to RDS
  • 60% reduction in database costs
  • automatic backup and recovery procedures

04. User interface migration to AWS Fargate
  • dockerizing of the parts of the application
  • automatic failover using the loadbalancer group

05. Migration of the import process
  • transfer of a resource-consuming data import process (once a month) to the AWS Lambda service
  • reduction of system operating costs due to the rejection of a permanent instance in favor of on-demand processes

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