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Cloud! Sounds extravagant? Another buzzword? No! Certainly not for us.

For us it is a powerful technology that can bring value to your business. Since it is just technology, it can be used in many ways, more or less optimally. Actually we use it in the best possible way. We’ve been gaining knowledge about the IT world for many years, recently focusing heavily on the cloud notion. As experts of the classic monolithic approach, as well as modern approach, based on microservices and cloud-native services, we offer comprehensive application migration services.

As an AWS partner, we help our clients with seamless migration to the cloud. We specialize in converting heavy, monolithic applications into cloud-native solutions, which are perfectly adapted to the architecture of a given cloud provider. Thanks to this we get many benefits, among others: reduction of infrastructure costs, easier maintenance, high availability and scalability.

We offer AWS certified architects and programmers.
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Hybrid migration

In addition to full migration into cloud environment, we are also experienced in hybrid migrations. We realize that total migration to the cloud architecture may be difficult in some cases. We offer a “step by step” approach, in which part of the functionality or infrastructure of the monolith is transferred to the cloud. Thanks to our experience, you will avoid potential traps which may arise in this process.

We described such case in details in the ‘Case study’ section

Migration to cloud-native architecture

To maximize the benefits of migrating to the cloud, the application should use the provider’s native services, which improves scalability and performance while reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs. We have experience in this type of migration therefore we are eager to sort it out for you!

Changing the perception of IT

Migration to the cloud is not only a technical challenge, it is a change in the way of thinking, in IT management and a set of tools. Automation, cost control, cost optimization are just some of the challenges facing every project entering the world of clouds. They are not so obvious at first glance. We will also be happy to provide help in this area.

Data Migration

Simple data migration from a dedicated server to AWS S3 can bring significant benefits. Did you know that storing files there is very cheap? And archiving at AWS Glacier is, in fact, extremely cheap ? Read more in the ‘Case study’ section.

Optimizing the availability and use of databases

Is your data available at the level you would expect? Have you encountered any problems related to the cost of using databases in the cloud? We help in designing the database layer to keep costs under control. At the same time we can ensure the data will be available whenever needed and it won’t vanish when you least expect it either.

Effective API management in AWS

Providing your own services to external clients, integration of your solutions and modern microservice architectures require certain access points ensuring unified authentication, monitoring and access control. Thanks to our experience, we know how to design an API life cycle, how to use the API Gateway capabilities, and effectively manage API documentation. Cooperating with us, you can focus on developing your business values and services, and we’ll deal with effective implementation in the cloud.

Decomposition to Lambda

Do you already have an application in the cloud on the EC2 server that generates considerable costs? Moving some processes to AWS Lambda often allows you to significantly reduce the load on the server, and thus make it cheaper.

Containerization / dockerizing

Docker – in case of systems consisting of many components it goes without saying. Why not use your hardware resources in an optimal way? What’s the point of building an environment each time from scratch? How to effectively return to the previous versions of the product in the same infrastructure? Not using Docker today, you are doomed to waste time in the future.

Building a programming environment

Do you know what irritates the programmers the most? A situation when they cannot program, engaged in configuring the database, solving dependencies and building problems as well as many other obstacles along the way. And after all, they need to prepare a release for testers and the client, ultimately helping with the deployment.

And now imagine a world where setting up a development environment is limited to a few commands, and after approving the changes in the code, the automatic building, testing and deployment processes handle the rest! We will help you achieve this by means of the technologies such as Docker and AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy.

Security auditing

Your AWS cloud solutions can be secure. But are they? Do you use products such as Secrets Manager? Has it ever happened that the source code contained database passwords, access keys to external APIs.? How do you manage user access to cloud resources? Do you limit traffic to EC2 infrastructure through Security Groups and network constructions?

Even if you already know the questions to these answers and you are satisfied with your solutions – it may be worth turning to third parties and learn their opinions on safety issues.


Our developers and architects are AWS certified and Microsoft certified


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We would like to present, on the example of a monolithic application, a case study which is hopeless regarding contemporary trends. We will show you how, in a few simple steps, you can prepare a product for implementation in AWS and implement it so that the monthly costs are lower than in the classic case. We will also present how, implementing WAF (Well-Architected Framework) principles, a project which is difficult to manage and maintain has changed into a modern product based on native AWS services.

05 steps

01. Monolith
  • data stored in a relational database, which generated substantial infrastructure costs
  • powerful application servers that had to bear the load of the first few days of each month, and the data import process
02. Data migration to S3
  • firstly, we’ve transferred most of the binary data to the AWS S3 service
  • this significantly offloaded the database
  • storage costs on S3 were minimum
  • automatic content removal processes and Glacier archiving
03. Database migration to RDS
  • 60% reduction in database costs
  • automatic backup and recovery procedures
04. User interface migration to AWS Fargate
  • dockerizing of the parts of the application
  • automatic failover using the loadbalancer group
05. Migration of the import process
  • transfer of a resource-consuming data import process (once a month) to the AWS Lambda service
  • reduction of system operating costs due to the rejection of a permanent instance in favor of on-demand processes

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